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About Us

Akçayel Private Detective Office Services.

Divorce, custody, monitoring of children, Corporate research, Insurance research, private detective office etc. Some of the services I can provide

Co-pursuit, infidelity, supply of evidence to divorce cases, detection of infidelity

Questions of lost trust and infidelity can lead to an end of your relationship. Akçayel private detective office can assist you with various options, including surveillance of your partner. With our private research plans and programs, you can make the right decision offer answers.

Divorce & custody of children

Are you in such a difficult situation as low or lack of alimony payments? Do you suspect infidelity from what happens when children stay at your wife? These are some of the areas that guarantee our services. Contact us today and discuss what you can do to resolve these issues free of charge with one of our private detectives.

Monitoring of children

In our time, young people don't have to go too far, even more than 10 years ago. Our private investigator and research team can reveal what might be wrong in your child's life.

Elderly care homes or home care personnel research

Our senior inspection team is tailored to your unique needs. You can benefit from our detailed services, including Inspection, Interviews and Financial Statement Status Detection. Our research team will bring together a flawless and informative summary of care centers where your loved ones are or visited.

Social Media Research

In Akçayel private detective office, we use the full depth of open source digital information with the richness of self-renewing resources, methods and valuable information. In this regard, we employ the highest level of expertise.

Finding missing persons

Missing family members, no matter how far away they are, can be found in line with our private detective office.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud is an act of falsifying or exaggerating the facts of an accident to an insurance company in order to receive a payment that cannot be done otherwise. Common types of insurance scams are progressive accidents, exaggerated injuries and inflated medical bills.

Our private detective office employs a whole division of associates whose specialty is to identify, deter and defeat insurance fraud. The department consists mainly of individuals with extensive law program experience and extensive insurance knowledge. Procedures and controls conducted and established in our organization ensure that the highest level of standards and qualification is maintained.

Our areas of expertise include Labor Compensation requests, Long-term Disability requests, Physical Injury requests, Medical Mispractice, Vehicle requests and General Responsibility requests, etc.


When criminal or other claims of targeted abuse of insider information occur, an organization must understand the element and scope of the possible outcomes in order to provide answers in an ideal and swift manner. Akçayel private detective office understands this and are always ready to help you in a unique way.


Effective Workplace Investigations discourage employees from litigation and minimize the risk of liability after a lawsuit is filed. Employers who do not provide a competently trained and qualified professional to conduct a rapid, comprehensive and objective inquiry assign the institution to the risky.


A corporate merger involves more than a handshake. It involves a pure, decisive approach to finding and cross-questioning of important and important findings. Our licensed private detectives can provide your organization with the necessary report to obtain necessary intelligence. Akçayel private detective office will prepare a unique application for your specific business needs. Some of the services include Haywood | Hunt | Employees, Creating a Manager Profile, Supervision of Key Staff, Secret Assignments, Staff Interviews, etc.


Akçayel private detective office offers Human Resources Services that are consumed in combination with the continuously owned HR Personnel or HR Management. Our solution-centered services, Pre-Employment research, a comprehensive resume research, violations of Competitive Intelligence and Non-Competitive Agreements, Surveillance of Staff and Workplace Investigations can provide.


Our unique consulting services are tailored, flexible, timeless and tailored to your needs. Our experienced Investigators, Managers and Associates have a unique, specially developed around your problems and created to match your organization's unique qualifications allow application compilation. Our team can support detailed consulting services, including application development, determining application effectiveness, and helping to develop methods. You can contact us to create the best solution for your unique needs.


The Department of Surveillance of private detective services employs private detectives and researchers specifically for surveillance research. They will work diligently and professionally in order to achieve the degree of success proportional to your specific demands. The accuracy, accuracy and integrity required when dealing with an inspection detail must not be overlooked. Surveillance is attached to a research involving keeping a person, place, or vehicle under physical or technical impression in order to obtain information or proof related to a random inquiry. Surveillance can produce accurate, direct and important findings related to a random dilemma. Akçayel Private Detective Office is based on customer confidentiality.

Do not make claims that are illegal acts PHONE LISTENING, SPECIAL PROPERTY SECRET CAMERA SETTLEMENT, etc.

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