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How do detectives work in Turkey?


Hakan Kara, Representative of the Private Detectives Association of Istanbul, told TRT Haber DD.

TRT Haber Digital Magazine discussed the issue of detective work in Turkey. How do detectives work in Turkey, who apply to themselves more and who do they follow?

All these questions were answered by Hakan Kara, Representative of the Association of Private Detectives in Istanbul.

Here's Elif Akkuş' interview with Kara..

It is necessary to say from the beginning that when we look at it in general, there are no action scenes as we see in foreign films and TV shows in private detectives in Turkey.

But when we look at it in terms of content, it's not much different from the content that is subject to movies, TV shows, the reasons for applying to private detectives. When private detective is called in Turkey, it is correct to collect application reasons in two topics; problems between spouses, corporate research.

Undoubtedly, the problems between the spouses come among the primary reasons why private detectives are knocking.

But not every one of them can hire a private investigator to watch who he wants. Because they have rules, too..


Hakan Kara, Representative of the Private Detectives Association in Istanbul, points out that private detectives work without breaking the law in accordance with the law:

Every file that comes to us needs a forensic application. Divorce or corporate. Once we see these applications, we start working. Our work, as everyone knows, comes primarily with the procurement of evidence to divorce cases. Besides, we have corporate research, research of brands, monitoring of people for the raid of finding warehouses of counterfeit by-products, personnel research is leading again.

Which side comes to you most in divorce cases?

Women come most. And 9 out of the 10 cases they came from are true. We can give men half the truth to the events they come from. Why suspect spouses, often suspect the phone. If his wife is hiding the phone from him, they suspect it. Most women know the lady their wife is cheating on, and she's already investigated it. He comes to us in court for evidence. We also record photos and video images in public spaces.

Does it seem a lot like this to you??

EWell, these are the things that come to us most.

Can't he be asking you to investigate a threat, how do you distinguish that?

He has to come to me with a divorce suit. They can move it to different points, to the blackmail point. Necessarily ask the petition for divorce.

How do you work, what kind of team do you have?

Emode we do this work in a standard study 5 people becomes 2 engine 3 vehicles two of them are double in places to avoid understanding.

Have you ever been caught? 

We didn't get caught, but there were times when we left the job for that day. For example, the person we're following went through a red light, and we stop following him in situations like that. We don't take risks to break the rules

They came to you. What kind of program is a petition for a lawsuit?

We want 2 days preliminary work time, we set routes. But we don't always do the same job, every job is different.


Another issue is corporate work, how is this happening?

We're working on counterfeit products related to companies. First we watch wholesalers, for example, a brand car comes, where they have warehouses, we find their production places, then we notify the lawyers of the firm, the continuation process They do it, we can do it if it's requested from us.

Do private detectives work for all the counterfeit products?

Large firms have formed research groups within their own structure. Our business is mostly with medium-sized businesses, and we work with them every month, not for 10-20 days.

PDo you have any communication with the organization during these studies?

When we see a crime, we have to report it to the police, especially in our corporate work. If we don't report it, we're committing a crime. Other than that, we don't do joint work, not wiretapping, etc. Private detectives.


Sabah gazetesi dedektif

Private detective flock from Turkey to Cyprusı

TThere is a great demand for private detective companies in Turkey from Cyprus. The most popular complaint is cheating, but there are also people who are wondering if my wife is gambling.

Many detective offices, headquartered in Turkey, are now operating in TRNC. Speaking to SABAH, some detective company directors expressed a lot of demand from Cyprus in the last period, and cheating was the beginning of the complaints. It has also been found that long-standing detective companies are cooperating with the police in forensic cases. 

Hakan Kara, General Manager of Akçayel Detectivism Bureau, stated that their main headquarters are located in Turkey, but in case of demand, they also work in TRNC. Underlining that they operate both individually and institutionally in TRNC, Hakan Kara pointed out that they followed individual issues in general.

Kara stated that they did a lot of research, especially about spouses cheating on each other, and she explained that women had followed men more.



Akşam dedektif

Detectives are now hunting debtors, not flirtatious The crisis fueled the need for
Akçayel Private Investigation Company: The money that banks are creditors from the market, which is subjected to foreclosure is approaching TL 17 million. They want our help against hard-to-reach information and people. The crisis fueled the need for a detective. It's the only growing sector in the crisis. When we were collecting evidence for divorce cases, we suddenly found ourselves at the center of demands on commercial receivables. There's been an explosion on assets and address logging.


You can find detailed news of Tempo magazine in June 2010 issue.


Milliyet gazetesi dedektif

Detectives view wives suspected in public places without interference in private life via photo and video channels. The detective who gives the images and photos taken in a file to the person who wants to follow them, thus completing his mission.

HAKAN KARA, the official of Akçayel Detectivlik company, who tells about the profession of private detective, has no law in Turkey to be a detective. Anyone can be a detective. There's nothing like that when you look at the law, but those who are capable of doing this as an education are usually people who retire from the police and retire from the military. In addition, some universities have started training on this profession. Graduates who came out of these places are starting to do this job by doing an internship, gaining experience.


Detective Kara, who stated that there are no legal basis for private investigators, as there is no legal basis for the fact that there is no legal legislation for this job, the fraud is enough I have. Every year, a lot of people get punished for committing this kind of crime. Because they sometimes overdo it because they don't know what they can do legally. Then they're committing a crime. It is the customers who apply more than those who do the profession that should pay attention to in this profession. Customers definitely need to see the work of detectives and know that they have a corporate identity. Because they tell their very special secrets, and most people can go as far as blackmail. That's why he said that people who want to do this need to be very careful.


Detective Hakan Kara, who also explained what couples need to apply to themselves, it is essential for us to have a formal marriage between the spouses in this business. Considering this as an individual follow-up. Because our goal was to provide evidence to the court in a divorce trial. do not provide additional to magazines newspapers or satisfy the curiosity of people. It is necessary to pay attention to this. Apart from that, we do corporate work. We do things like address detection for foreclosure, finding losses, finding foreclosed vehicles. My choice is to find missing children. Because there's nothing material equivalent to it. But when you look at the demand, it usually comes from applications to follow the spouses. But we do not do most of them, since they do not meet the necessary conditions. They used the statements that do not take jobs.




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