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Private detective offices in Turkey, detective offices

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Profesyone Hizmet

Turkey private detective office Kadıköy/Istanbul. is aimed at. As a result of the studies carried out in line with this goal, our company has a structure that keeps pace with the economic conditions and does not compromise its targets.

With its wide staff, the central position, the financial infrastructure and the expert who produces solutions to customers' problems as soon as possible, aims to provide results in individual and institutional research services in a short time. management staff and staff formed the cornerstones of 100% customer satisfaction. Akçayel Private Detective Office




Our relationships and research with our customers without taking any personal records in our interviews, we provide a clear and detailed report in a short period of time has enabled us to reach a growing customer portfolio that we want you to join.

We encourage you to work with a modern and efficient research and follow-up agency focused on meeting your information and evidence needs with absolute respect to the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

Whether easy or complicated, you can be assured that you will have years of experience and professional and personal commitment to solve your problems with maximum effort and dedication.

While our most demanded research services are the following, we offer many research services :

sadakatsizlik ve ve aldatılma

Investigations of infidelity

If our company resides or travels tidy in any of the countries of Turkey and the European Union, or with friends or business trips, our staff in charge will be able to provide all movements: places they visit, timelines and frequently visited addresses. With this information verified and accurate by numerous visual documents, you can find out if their behavior is reasonable.

Stop suffering, thinking about what might happen, and confirm it clearly and professionally. Akçayel research and follow-up office has experience in every region in Europe and Turkey together with our partners..

dedektif büroları

Finding missing persons

In recent years it has been stored in Istanbul, Antalya, Ibiza, Monaco, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Majorca and other tourist areas of the European Union, and both residents of the region and visitors have multiple foreigners increased the number of people who caused it to go unnoticed. If the person you're looking for is in the European Union, our team will find them and provide you with proof of their place of residence.

Kurumsal dedektif

Corporate Researches

If your partners, suppliers or customers are anywhere in the European Union, we may provide you with the information you need to make decisions. Our team of private researchers and secret shoppers will provide you with the information you want. Do not blindly rely on the information given to you; double-check with our research services.

Work with us if you want the right information. Our team of professional researchers is reliable and efficient, and our professional team will serve you personally before and during research.

You can contact whatsapp at +90 505 518 8556, we will try to help you personally according to the information you give us and offer a price as accurate as possible.7/24 contact us.

Araştırma Hizmetleri

Akçayel Private Research Bureau, which has gained experience in conducting private detective services for many years, is one of the most established private detective companies in our country.

Akçayel Private Investigation Office akçayel araştırma

By collaborating with international private detective organizations that specialize in detective office services for many years •Procurement of evidence to Divorce Cases •Fraudulent partnerships •oversight •Collecting evidence to criminal defense file •Finding missing persons •Finding the borrower

•Corporate Researches

We do our best to be the best in our business by gaining experience in their field.

Unlike detective agencies that offer you standard working techniques, we offer a different approach to providing solutions that best suit your needs. We know how delicate your situation is.

If you want to get information from our company, which is one of the largest agencies in Turkey, you can contact us at any time from our contact numbers.



The most asked question before receiving private detective service is the question of what is the price.

Our prices. It is proportional to your problem. The duration, type of detective service you request, and the quality of the equipment to be used as technology to successfully conclude your work, the staff is related to the quality of your equipment.

Working with a research agency with professional corporate features will save you time and minimize your concern. When buying research services, it's not the cheapest service as a price, but where to get the best quality service.

Our goal is to offer our customers customized research solutions that are always cost-effective, ideally priced. Our job is to provide the best possible price and research services that will meet your demands, and you can also be a reference to your environment where you can make positive comments about us.

We set some criteria to ensure the cost - result balance of our research in the most efficient way:

Frequent review of working applications to ensure maximum efficiency

To give maximum importance to the quality of staff - things are done correctly the first time.

Using reliable tools and our long experience to be very accurate

Combining desk and street reviews for cost-conscious reviews.

Our transparency, that is, honesty, is always valid in our bidding process.

Akçayel Research Services


Areas we provide research services

•Research services in Marmara, Central Anatolia Regions, especially Istanbul and Kocaeli provinces

•Karabük, Kastamonu, Bartın, Sinop, Samsun, Ordu, Trabzon, Giresun, Rize, Sivas, Konya, Nevsehir, Kayseri, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep

•Mediterranean Region detective agency services (Antalya, Mersin, Hatay, Adana, Muğla, Cyprus)

•Aegean Region detective services (Çanakkale, Balıkesir,Izmir, Manisa,)Gsm:0 555 818 4618

We provide research services based in Istanbul to all Turkey, especially in the provinces and districts.

dedektif büroları


Akçayel Private Detective Office is a company with years of experience providing services around the world, especially in Turkey and Cyprus. you can be sure that your research will be evaluated in detail with our dedicated professional research team to achieve the results you need.

You can rely on us to provide you with the evidence you requested and conclude your research within the framework of the program determined by the separations of your research file. We have strong success with past years of experience in peer-tracking, fraud, corporate research and individual research. If you want to have more detailed information other than our words, we are always honored to welcome you in our office.

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Akçayel Private “detective agency” employees renew themselves with the understanding of providing quality services that keep customer satisfaction at the forefront and continuous improvement of quality management system, winner of the trust of the customer, the service in the framework of this understanding will always offer private detective service by respecting our customers knowing the duty.

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özel araştırma
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dedektiflik bürosu







In some divorce cases, it may be necessary to hire a private private investigator to help the process. Before the divorce becomes clear, a specialist may be needed to find certain evidence and provide certain evidence. This helps to protect the legal and financial interests of a person.Please click here for detailed information on private detective holding.


kurumsal araştırma

When you hear the term corporate inquiries, you can think of notorious corporate scandals: For both small businesses and large holdings, because of internal abuse or external threats corporate arrests are generally a requirement.Click here for corporate research article.


eş takibi, sadakatsizlik

Infidelity is a painful experience. Some marriages have learned from stronger mistakes due to the reaction of spouses to the situation, while others may fall apart. Perhaps one of the worst aspects of infidelity is suspecting him,Click here for our article after infidelity.


Money evasion in a divorce case, "Akçayel özel dedektiflik bürosu"

boşanma davası

In the case of divorce, dividing assets is almost always a problem. For this purpose, a number of individuals try to find insidious ways to hide money from their spouses in order to give advantage over their spouses to whom they are about to divorce.Click here for information about the divorce case.

aldatan eş

You've been married for years, and you feel close to someone other than your wife. Maybe this person appeared in the place where you work, maybe in a place you go all the time. Starting platonically, this relationship turns into a flirt with conversations and unwittingly, and even the touch of your hand on his hand will cause you to start a very serious state of deception without you knowing it. He never thinks you're going to go this far, just thinking that you're talking to feel good about yourself, willingly or unintentionally, the situation gets out of control, and now you're cheating on your partner.Click here for advice.

boşanma davalarında hile

In divorce cases, the lawyer is very important.A lawyer in the idea that any way to get an advantage can commit such actions as declaring false evidence. Likewise, no matter how I win, a wife who can play games against his divorce wife.Click here for Divorce Cheats.

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